Let her too wake up to a hot coffee.


Let her wake up to a hot cup of coffee too.

Here I am trying to convey that what she does for you everyday, you do it for her too. I want to use the first sentence because the usage of 'too'after subject emphasizes more on the latter but I don't know whether it is grammatically correct.


Both of your sentences are grammatical. However, most style guides would recommend putting the too in your first sentence between a pair of commas.

For instance, The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.), 6.52:

When too comes in the middle of the sentence or clause, however, a comma aids comprehension.

     She, too, decided against the early showing.

Following that guideline, your sentence would look like this:

Let her, too, wake up to a hot coffee.

But that's a matter of style. It's still grammatical without the commas.

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