Which of these would be correctly written - Writing my friend’s names or writing my friends’ names?

Where the intended meaning is that I have more than one friend and I’m writing their names in a list.

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    my friends' names refers to the names (one or several each) of multiple friends, but my friend’s names refers to the (multiple) names of one friend – FumbleFingers Feb 21 at 17:00

You should definitely use names (plural), so let's put that behind us.

Using friend's is not correct, because it indicates one friend. The plural of friend is friends, and the possessive of friends is friends'.

The correct phrase for > 1 friend, each who have one or more names is:

friends' names

  • But it's possible for a single friend to have more than one name. – jamesqf Feb 21 at 18:25
  • All my single friends go by their maiden names. XD – mRotten Feb 22 at 22:32
  • Well, I am single, and I have more than one name. The one I use here, the one my real-life friends call me, what the government thinks my name is (which is not something I use or will respond to except when dealing with the government), the name that appears on my bank accounts & credit cards... – jamesqf Feb 24 at 4:42

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