Name of hotel is "Ace Hotel". Which is correct: "I am staying at Ace", "I am staying at the Ace" or neither?


Whatever a hotel calls itself, we always seem to use "the" when naming them.

"I'm staying at Hilton" => "I'm staying at the Hilton"
"I'm staying at Holiday Inn" => "I'm staying at the Holiday Inn"

Here's an ngram: "staying at Hilton,staying at the Hilton,staying at Holiday Inn,staying at the Holiday Inn"

So it will not be "I'm staying at Ace." But can we say "I'm staying at the Ace?"

It certainly fits the pattern, it's just a question of whether your listener would know that you meant the Ace Hotel when you say "the Ace." In a context where it's clear you're talking about a hotel, you can omit "hotel", for example, "I'm staying at the Embassy Suites. Where are you staying?" "The Ace."With large, very well-established hotel chains (Hilton, Sheraton, Best Western, etc.), their names are so well known, you don't need to include "hotel" even in an ambiguous context, for example: "I just came from the Hilton."

So is the Ace Hotel known well enough to omit "hotel?" I would guess that it's not. There's an Ace Hotel where I live, but if you told me, "I just came from the Ace" I would probably not understand that you meant the Ace Hotel.

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