I work for a small company (located in Italy) which makes websites and sells/repairs computers. Right now we are in the process of creating a new logo and updating our slogan / corporate design.

My colleagues / boss came up with the following idea for a slogan: (none of us are native english speakers)


links the digital world

Now - I'm really not sure if "links the digital world" is correct or does even make sense at all. I think the idea was that we - as a company - link our clients to the digital world, but "linking you to the digital world" was apparently too long and/or clumsy. In my opinion, it should as least be "links the digital world TO something" or "linking the digital world".

I need your assistance as native english speakers: How does this slogan sound to you


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    American here... You are correct, "Linking" is better - if only because it is more obviously a verb in that form. – Oldbag Feb 18 at 12:57
  • In terms of how it "sounds", a lot depends on the specific company name, as well as the nationality of the person reading the slogan. – Hot Licks Feb 18 at 13:09
  • I agree that linking the digital world sounds better. But it also depends on if you're supposed to read the slogan immediately after reading the company name. Company Name links the digital world is just fine, whereas Company Name linking the digital world is odd. – Jason Bassford Feb 18 at 18:42
  • Thanks everyone for providing some feedback. It is much appreciated. I guess in the end it comes down to a matter of taste. As @JasonBassford pointed out, if you read the slogan immediately after the company name, it indeed makes some sense: Company Name links the digital world – Adrenaxus Feb 19 at 9:12

At first glance, I misunderstood the question and thought the [company name] designation was asking for a suggestion for a new name in addition to the best wording for a "logo".

Moving on to the actual choices for a new "logo" then. I agree that "Linking the digital world" does sound better. But, you could also consider simply adding the preposition "to" to your colleagues' suggestion thus making it "Links to the digital world". Lastly, here is a third suggestion if smaller is better. I will offer the easy phrase - "The digital link"

  • Thanks for your feedback! Our company's name is already defined, we cannot change that. We were just looking for some kind of slogan to put under the already existing logo. – Adrenaxus Feb 19 at 9:11

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