How are you liking your stay in Berlin? - Is this sentence correct? or it should be: How do you like your stay in Berlin?

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There are two features in the sentence:

First is the use of how in the sense not of by what means/method but to refer to the quality or extent of the state referred to in the verb. - How {ie how well or badly) are you doing/getting on? - How are you feeling?

This structure is quite normal colloquial usage.

Second is the use of the continuous present, as opposed to the simple present in the case of the verb to like. Normally for an embedded state, such as liking, the simple present is used.

I like ice cream. I hate cloves. I love jazz. I detest frogs’ legs.

But, in fact, when the state is seen as in some way part of a present (and temporary) state, the continuous present can be and often is used. It is no different from saying:

How are you enjoying your stay in Berlin.

The enjoyment will end with the stay. So will the ‘liking’. In my British English, it ‘like was not used in this way in my childhood. But it is now.


I dont think the question "How are you liking your stay in Berlin?" is correct.

I would ask the below question,

Do you like your stay in Berlin?

  • It would be helpful if you could explain (give your reasons for your answer. – Tuffy Feb 16 at 0:18
  • "How do you like your stay in Berlin?" would be appropriate if the speaker was a travel agent describing your itinerary and wondering if the proposed visit to Berlin is to your satisfaction. But if this discussion is about an ongoing visit to Berlin then the sentence is poorly constructed. – Hot Licks Feb 16 at 2:43

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