Suppose I have a pie chart with segments that don't sum to 100%. Would I call this a "partial" pie chart? An "incomplete" pie chart? Is there a better word to use for this?


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    I believe you should add one more small slice that makes it total 100%, label it as "other" or "remainders" and then call it a pie chart. – user22542 Feb 15 at 15:23
  • Leftovers. :) – Lawrence Feb 15 at 22:59
  • Perhaps a pie chart is not the right choice to use to visualize the data. – jxh Feb 16 at 0:00

One possibility is to name the chart by the fraction of the pie being shown. A half pie chart occurs when half the pie is used to represent data, like if the graphic is showing what would happen in the first six months of a year.

Otherwise, there is no standard term for this kind of chart. Instances of "incomplete pie chart" and "partial pie chart" exist. An incomplete pie chart sounds like it is unfinished. A partial chart is general enough in description that the partiality could be intentional.

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