A stairway made of flights where each flight leads to a small landing from which the next flight travels in the opposite direction to the first flight.

So, for example, I take a flight down by going north, arrive at the landing, take a few steps to the left - say - turn about, and take the next flight down by going south.

What kind of stairway is that?

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According to Homesthetics.net, the type of stairs you are looking for are called "half landing staircases":

Next up is the Half Landing Staircase. You must already be familiar with this type of stairs. These are most commonly found in apartment and tall office buildings.

In the previous case [straight staircase with intermediate landing], the landing flowed along with the staircase. However, in this case, the landing changes the direction of the flight of stairs by 180 degrees. It is almost like taking a U-turn, albeit in the upward direction.

The Architecture Exposition website also refers to that style as a "Half-turn staircase".

Other sites mention both "half-turn" and "U-shaped" as possibilities.

  • Another term for it is a 'dog-leg staircase' (because it has a bend in it). Feb 15, 2019 at 9:26

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