I am looking for the apropriate word to describe someone who made this remark "As I said I don't know street ghetto talk". This is not racist as ghetto refers to a poor living area (to sum it up), and street talk is not racist either since that meaning is a way to describe slang speech from the poor city areas where people of all ethnic backgrounds have or currently live. It is how ever a word that i can not seem to remember or think of at this time. This person was being _______. This person was grouping a bunch of individuals who have or currently do live where street slang is used as a way of speaking, and making it sound as if the person has not heard of the words, because the person is not from the ghetto areas.

Thank You for Helping.

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You might use

Snobbish - being, characteristic of, or befitting a snob (one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior)

or possibly

Elitist - a person who is or regards himself or herself as a member of a socially elite group

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