I’m looking for a word that fits in to this sentence and means dealing with the insignificant:

Twins fans have a knack for fretting over the ______, and this won't relent any time soon.

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Minutiae fits your sentence. It is a plural noun


“a minute or minor detail —usually used in plural He was bewildered by the contract's minutiae.“


trifle -- n. a thing of little value or importance.

Or trivial, inconsequential, ..


As in:

Twins fans have a knack for fretting over a whit, and this won't relent anytime soon.

a whit OED

Without negative: a whit: to a very small extent, a very little. any whit, one whit: to the least amount, in the least degree, at all. every (†each) whit: completely, altogether, thoroughly, quite (in later use almost always with as in comparisons of equality).


For a slightly different tone, how about fretting over ephemera.

According to the Wilipedia, ephemera is derived from the Greek words epi (for) and hemera (a day). It usually means “insignificant” and/or “short-lived”.

Minutae, offered by a previous poster, means “small in space”. Ephemera means “small in time”.

Depending on the subject of the fretting, and whether you’re trying to be serious or ironic, either might be a usable choice.

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