I'm looking for a word to describe the role of an adult between facilitator and mentor when it comes to working with kids: someone who keeps the group on task and goal oriented, but who also might support relationship development (short-term) and growth as well. These are good starts, but not quite descriptive of what I need: Goal Achievement Rubber Ducking Coaching-Mentoring


Advisor or adviser:

a person who gives advice in a particular field.

"the military adviser to the President"

synonyms: counselor, mentor, guide, consultant, consultee, confidant, confidante, guide, right hand man, right hand woman, aide, helper; instructor, coach, trainer, teacher, tutor, guru; consigliere; informal main man; informal Dutch uncle

"he is the president's personal adviser"

(in a school, college, or university) a teacher or staff counselor who helps a student plan a course of study.

"my adviser might switch me back into Wasserman's class"

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Tutor, instructor, monitor, counselor.

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    It would improve the answer if you included definitions for each of the suggested words. – KillingTime Mar 9 at 5:58

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