And the young Spanish writers, do you see them as committed to our times as you were to yours?

The word yours is a pronoun, isn't it? Is it used correctly in the above sentence? If not, can you say why it isn't correct? Is it akin to the use of his in the sentence "My car is nice but his is nicer"?

  • Yes, it's correct, and like 'his'. – Mitch Feb 11 at 21:46
  • The "yours" is fine, but I would change "see" to "deem," "find," "believe" or "consider." The expression "to see [something as" is so common that one expects the sentence to continue "being as committed ..." Any of the words I have suggested would avoid the confusion over whether the "as" is part of the idiom "see as" or the beginning of a comparative. – remarkl Feb 11 at 21:51

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