i heard it in a musical and the full sentence was "Keep it up, get a fist in your face". can anyone explain this to me? Thanks a lot!!!

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    Without a wider context it's impossible to be certain but generally getting "a fist in your face" means being punched in the face. – KillingTime Feb 11 at 7:35

First off, "a fist in your face" means "a punch in the face".

"Keep it up" means "Continue doing that".

The syntax is a form of the conditional, like "If x, then y".

(If you) keep doing that, (the consequence will be, you) get a fist in your face.

It is a threat (or a warning).

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    "It is a threat" ... or a warning. – GEdgar Feb 11 at 13:04
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    @GEdgar: +1. answer duly edited. – TRomano Feb 11 at 13:43

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