• I enjoy watching people suffering.

  • I enjoy watching people suffer.

I feel more comfortable using the second one, but I also think that the first one is right... so which one should I use?

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    I'd avoid saying either aloud in company. – KillingTime Feb 11 at 6:20

Both are equally correct but have different meanings. The first one means that I am delighted to see that people are/were suffering. The second one means that I am delighted to see that people suffer.


"I enjoy watching people suffer" is correct because "suffer" is actually a verb- "suffering" is generally used as a noun.

The first sentence I would use when I wanted to speak in present tense, or refer to an event that I enjoy.

The second sentence could be rewritten as "I enjoy watching people who are suffering" (in which case, 'suffering' becomes present participle).

To speak in past tense, it could be rewritten as, "I enjoy watching the sufferings of people."

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