I was writing a letter and I wonder whether the usage of interested in a formal letter could be considered as a formal word. Also if there are synonyms which are more appropriate to use in formal letters.

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    It depends on what your interest is. As stated, both the sense of "interested" and your meaning of "formal letter" are too poorly defined to say. – Hot Licks Feb 9 at 4:05
  • Note that unless you follow a specific dictionary that indicates formal or informal in the definition of a word, or a style guide that gives a similar indication, there is no entirely objective way of answering this. Any responses from people saying that they think something is formal or not is somewhat subjective. Only if many people say one thing unequivocally would there be some level of indication. Even then, I wouldn't go by a small group of strangers on the internet. – Jason Bassford Feb 9 at 7:37
  • I've flagged this for closure as "Unclear". Obelisk, please edit your post to provide more context for the "usage of interested", as there are far too many ways that such a word could be used appropriately in a letter, us to be able to answer this correctly. – Chappo Feb 9 at 12:12

"Interested" can be used in pretty formal situations and contexts:

The Czech Republic would be very interested in becoming a member of the Special Committee.

Some delegations said that they would be very interested in looking further into that proposal.

Another delegate felt that providers of capital would be very interested in this type of information.

And it can also be used in rather informal ones:

I don't think she'd be very interested in a guy like me.

All in all, "interested" is a neutral word, and it's often used in formal letters.

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