PROPOSED USE: "There are express written contracts, contracts implied by acts or conduct showing agreement, and a remediary area where an express or implied contract fails for some reason that causes a court to look to equitable relief."

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    Forgive an old lawyer for intruding on style, but the lack of parallel sentence structure jangles. I suggest "There are express written contracts, contracts implied ..., and equitable principles, to which a court will look for remedies where ..." – remarkl Feb 8 at 17:43
  • The adjective is 'remedial'. The OED hasn't heard of 'remediary'. – Nigel J Feb 9 at 1:01
  • @remarkl You should post your comment as an answer. Replacing 'remediary' with 'remedial' does not fix the sentence. – Old Pro Feb 10 at 4:36

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