Boss: Did you get that X thing is done?

Me: Yes, that's done.

Boss: No that's not done, I am still getting calls from people asking for X?

Me: Oh, Perhaps/Maybe/I guess/I think you are asking about Y thing.

Here I was chatting with my boss, I doubt what should I use out of these if I want to make it more formal chat/email?

If none are correct, please suggest.

  • "Thats"? I think, perhaps, that you should deal with that first — that's far more important. – David Mar 10 '19 at 19:32
  • David, what's wrong in that? Sorry, I didn't get what you mean. Are you saying I should use apostrophe s, and it is that's not thats. Right? – paul Mar 11 '19 at 15:28
  • Right. You said it was a formal email. And my subjective answer to your question is there too. – David Mar 11 '19 at 16:25
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To be as polite as possible you want to keep the option that it was your fault, not his. I would use Perhaps. "Perhaps you are talking about 'Y'" Or else "I think you may be talking about 'Y'"

With these you could add "I'm sure I took care of 'X' for this reason." But be sure X is not still out there.

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