Charles Bukowski, "Women"

If I had been born a woman I would certainly have been a prostitute. Since I had been born a man, I craved women constantly, the lower the better.

What does he mean with the lower the better? I understand the literal meaning but don't understand this particular application. The lower I craved the better or the lower (women socially) the better. Or something else?

PS: I am not a native speaker

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    "Lower" is this sense almost certainly means "lower class", and prostitutes are often regarded to be as low as you can go. – Hot Licks Feb 8 at 12:43
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    Your second interpretation is the correct one, Bukowski is implying that he had a fetish for women at the bottom end of the social scale. He says that he had a constant sexual appetite and, gven a choice between two women, he would prefer the one with the lower status and, possibly, with the more depraved morals. – BoldBen Feb 8 at 12:50
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    And Jerry Seinfeld said (in character) that if he were a woman he'd be walking the docks. – TRomano Feb 8 at 12:59
  • with his literary license, its opinion, – lbf Feb 8 at 13:07

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