Sentence Ex 1.

Amir Khan has done so many fantastic films and entertained viewers with his acting skills and perfections. But at the starting of his career, he chose some horrific subjects that didn’t use his acting prowess in a perfect way. Idiotic dialogues and illogical video effects took his performance down. He is otherwise a good actor.

‘He is otherwise a good actor’ – what does it mean?

Sentence Ex 2.

I haven't time to say more about Frederick Sloane than that he is very anxious to make your acquaintance, and that, if your time is not otherwise engaged, he would like you very much to spend a month with him.

‘if your time is not otherwise engaged’ – here what does the ‘otherwise’ mean?

I am confused with the use of otherwise in sentences. Please help with your knowledge and experience. Thank you.

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    Oxford: otherwise: "Apart from that, he is a good actor". See sense 2 at that link for more examples. – Andrew Leach Feb 8 at 7:07
  • As that definition indicates ("..apart from that") you need context in order to understand what otherwise means in a particular utterance. This was a bad movie with bad writing, so he seems wooden. But he is otherwise a good actor or He is not convincing as a romantic lead, but is otherwise a good actor The first means "put him in a decent movie and he comes across well" and the second means "He can act convincingly in most roles, just not as a romantic lead". – TRomano Feb 8 at 13:52