I am really confused about what is the exact difference between these 5 words. Extendable, Extendible, Extensible, Expandable, and Expendable. I did saw some posts on this website itself but could not find any page explaining all of these 5 words together.

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    Expendable is completely unrelated to the others; it means "unnecessary" rather than having anything to do with stretching or extending. Otherwise, look up each of these in a reliable dictionary (Oxford Dictionaries or Merriam-Webster are good starting places, but there are many options); if you still have questions after that, describe what you found and what you still find confusing and we can give you a better answer. Good luck! – 1006a Feb 8 at 6:27
  • I'm flagging this as off-topic ("no research / ELL"). Hi Pranjal, it's important to look up a dictionary before you ask this kind of question here, as it will often provide the solution. Our Help Centre says "Be sure to mention the research you've done and what you're still hoping to learn!" For further guidance, see How to Ask and take the EL&U Tour :-) – Chappo Feb 8 at 7:05

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