Often I have to request access to specified resource for specified person. Is there any error in any of these forms and what is better to use?

Grant somebody access to something Grant access to something for somebody

  • Please spell out smth and smb, as I did in my edit. A question here is a formal communication and words should be spelled out, especially in the title. – ab2 Feb 7 at 18:59
  • They are both acceptable. I like the first because the “for somebody” at the end of the second is just slightly more ambiguous than I’d like, although in context nobody would likeky bat an eye – Jim Feb 7 at 19:02

Grant is fine, as are your examples. You can also use:

  • Allow. I'll allow you to x, y, and z...
  • Permit. You're permitted to x. You have my permission to x.
  • Bestow. I'm bestowing the ability to do x unto you.

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