Something like '"I know!" She _____"' Thanks!

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    What does “get your fist land to yor palm” mean? Also, your sentence doesn’t clarify what your intent. Please provide more context and clarify what you’re looking for. – mRotten Feb 7 at 15:00
  • I'm flagging this for closure as "Unclear". Specifically: Niyuri, are you looking for an expression that describes punching your palm with the other fist, or one that describes the situation "where you finally know something"? And does "She _____" mean you want the expression to be used in that sentence? [That seems bizarre.] Please edit your question to resolve these issues. – Chappo Feb 7 at 22:33
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    Niyuri, you may not be aware of our other site English Language Learners, which might be more suitable for any future questions you have. If you do have a question for ELL, be sure to read their guidance on what you can ask. :-) – Chappo Feb 7 at 22:36