To me, "other than that" and "else" at the end feel redundant. I would cut one or the other.

  • Probably not good style, but it's disembodied. I would expect to find the thought in a paragraph, where "Other than that, we discovered nothing useful," or "That's all we could discover" would probably do the job. Simply dropping "else" seems to waste an opportunity to refine what you were looking for in a word. Style is often about efficiency, and wasting the chance to be more precise in a syllable or two is as inefficient as wasting words. – – remarkl Feb 6 at 16:23
  • Context: "We discovered one bug during the testing: (bug info follows). Other than that, we didn’t discover anything else." – Gene Pavlovsky Feb 7 at 16:16

other than that is a phrase used for excluding all things except for some, so else would emphasize the exclusion of all other things.

so, this is a good style. please upvote! i'm a newcomer

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    Hi Insurgent.Ray, welcome to EL&U. I like your reasoning, but I'm downvoting your answer. We're an English site, and my expectation is that an answer is written using the basic orthography of our language (such as correct capitalisation) rather than like a text message. Also, this is not a forum for opinions: we expect answers to be substantiated where possible, e.g. with a supporting quote from a dictionary or other reference. If you edit your answer appropriately, I'll happily reverse my vote. For further guidance, see How to Answer. :-) – Chappo Feb 8 at 6:07

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