I'm writing a paper and need to reference "low-value work", as used by the White House, OPM, OMB, GSA, etc. But can't determine if this idiom/phrase has a specific academic definition? Not just a general slang definition. I would like to use what it was originally intended to define (if it exists) not just "1600 Pennsylvania said, "...haha

Thanks in advance for any & all help...I can't google anymore....

Thank you both for the input. I should have been more descriptive. If someone says to you, "we are going to automate the low-value work of your job"...what does that mean to you? What is low-value work? Or is it exactly as you say...purely words. The meaning subjective to the individual. I was just trying to do my due diligence before stating there was "no academic definition" - was just looking for a little help to avoid accidentally stepping over someone's dissertation on "low-value"!! :P

  • A quick internet search gave me lots of examples of usage (mostly related to improving productivity in the workplace) but no formal definition. Good question: +1. – Chappo Feb 5 at 1:25
  • Why would it be slang? Why can't it mean nothing more nor less than the combination of the normal words put together? Is there something unclear in terms of the meaning of low-value work? – Jason Bassford Feb 5 at 5:14
  • Thank you both! Edited to add better description. – Tobi Feb 5 at 7:38

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