What is the meaning of the word Nuance in the following context: The expression of subtle nuances of thought

According to the definition, nuances are subtle differences in or shades of meaning, expression or sound. What would the "differences" or "shades" be in the context above? Do they mean differences or shades of the thoughts among and/or between different people? The main problem I have with the word Nuance is that it never explains what the nuances/subtle differences are nuanced or subtly different from. Is there any concrete examples about how the word Nuance or Nuanced is used? Like, for instance, what does it mean to have a nuanced understanding? Your understanding is subtly different from what? Nuanced as an adjective means "having multiple nuances or subtle shades", so when a word, book, argument, discussion, etc. is described as being nuanced, how can it possibly have more than one intended meaning? I get words may have two different meanings, but never at once. How can an argument be different from itself? Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain in depth.

  • Hello, Anthony, and welcome to EL&U. This question is probably off-topic for us here, and certainly over-broad. We usually address questions with a specific point of English usage. – Cascabel Feb 4 at 22:54
  • There are many examples of the use of both the noun and verb nuance given in the Oxford Dictionary. – Weather Vane Feb 4 at 23:54
  • I am aware; I just don't understand those examples, which is why I am asking on here. – Anthony Fallone Feb 5 at 1:06

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