My apologies, I’m having issues with a double negative sentence. Bear in mind I don't want to change the sentence structure around, I just want to know if at the end of the sentence, I should put the word isn’t or is:

Just because you (A) don’t feel that she’s (B) innocent doesn’t mean that she [is or isn't]

I want to infer that just because person (A) doesn’t think that person (B) is innocent, she might be so.

is it is at the end (which doesn’t sound right) or isn't?

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    "Isn't" would be correct. "Just because you don't feel she's innocent doesn't mean she isn't [innocent]." – Mark Hubbard Feb 4 '19 at 17:57
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    Just as the non-negated version Just because you [do] feel she's innocent doesn't mean she is [innocent]. That's to say [Just because] X seems true doesn't mean X [is true] corresponds to [Just because] NOT X seems true doesn't mean NOT X [is true]. – FumbleFingers Feb 4 '19 at 18:11

Here's how you should parse it:

You don't feel that she is innocent.

Which means:

You feel that she isn't innocent.

But you're feeling doesn't necessarily represent the truth. Just because that's your feeling that doesn't mean that it's the truth.

Referring back to the interpreted version of the sentence:

Just because you feel that she isn't innocent doesn't mean that she (actually) isn't innocent.

And changing the order back again:

✔ Just because you don't feel that she's innocent doesn't mean that she isn't.

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You don't feel she's innocent = you feel she isn't innocent


it doesn't mean that.... (what you(A) think) = she isn't

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