I am in a programming context. I am writing a commit message and I am struggling to find a word for the following action: In a list of items, I added some elements at the front of the list. We are used to append or add to push to the back of the list. In this case I would have written:

fix(scope): append missing element to list X

but in my case, I don't know which verb to use.

fix(scope): __{verb}__ missing element to list X

So, what is the equivalent of append or add to push onto the front of something?

  • Is it an English language question or a coding question? It does not have to be one word for English language. For coding there will be language specific syntax. – puppetsock Feb 4 '19 at 16:51
  • It is an english question in a coding context. It is for human and not for computer. – aloisdg Feb 4 '19 at 16:56

You may want prepend:

add (something) to the beginning of something else.
"you forgot to prepend ‘I personally believe’ to the statements you are making"

attach (a piece of data) to the beginning of another.
"in this case, you must prepend the server name to the database name, separated by a period"

definition from Oxford Dictionaries, via Google


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