I'm not looking for the name of the face expression (e.g. sad, or sorry, or "inner brow raise", etc.), I'm looking for the name of the movement that is made. I thought maybe there was a less complicated and more appealing version of it than "to raise the inner sides of the brows"? For example, "in the pictures the guys are ... their brows". I can't really find any pics because I simply don't know what to type in in a search bar. But I remembered a couple of movie scenes, so here you go:

enter image description here enter image description here

EDIT: I found a source which suggests "eyebrows slopped outwards". Sounds weird to me :/ Can that actually be a thing? (context: "By pushing together the eyebrows and pulling up the forehead, the eyebrows can be made to slope outwards.")

EDIT 2: If I said "his eyebrows raised in (a) sorry", would that make sense and be understood? If yes, would the article before sorry be needed?

EDIT 3: Here are some more pictures I could find:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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You can say these people are "furrowing their brows".

Here's a link (Macmillan Dictionary) that can help.

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