in the following sentence:

Mike mistook Mr. Daniels [as or for] Jack.

which word am I supposed to use—"for" or "as"? In everyday spoken English, I hear both, which is quite confusing, so I am wondering, grammatically, which is more correct, in the above context?

Furthermore, when is "for" and "as" used, in general?

  • Hi, kenith. I edited the title of your question to make the focus of your interest clearer to site users who see only the title of your question in a summary list. That question may draw a useful answer, but I think your followup question about when "for" and "as" are used in general is too broad to permit a meaningful answer. – Sven Yargs Feb 2 at 19:12
  • 1
    When Mike thought Mr Daniels was Jack, he mistook him for Jack. When Mike saw Mr Daniels dressed up like Jack and thought he was someone else, Mike mistook him as Jack. – Jim Feb 2 at 20:33
  • have a good afterrnoon – kenith Feb 3 at 10:37

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