The word bus, is derived from the word Omnibus in Latin since it means for everyone. Over the years this probably got shortened down to bus.

Similarly, the word car is derived from the word Carrum which literally means wagon in Latin.

However, why is auto used to describe this vehicle used in India when it actually means self in Latin? enter image description here

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    Because there are no horses. – Jim Feb 2 at 18:57
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    "Automobile" became the preferred term (after much angst) for motor vehicles in the US. I gather that this term was imported via French. "Auto" is an obvious shortening. – Hot Licks Feb 2 at 18:59
  • The auto rickshaw pictured is also called a tuk-tuk. Rickshaws were originally powered (and still are) by humans. – Weather Vane Feb 2 at 19:11
  • If you vehicle was made in Germany, that its name is Otto not auto. – tchrist Feb 2 at 19:17

Auto is short for automobile, meaning 'moving itself' (i.e. not needing horses). Although we usually say (motor) car in Britain, the two original motorists' organisations are the Automobile Association (AA) and the Royal Automobile Club (RAC).

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