by clicking on the bottom.
by clicking the bottom.

It seems to me that the first sentence ‘by clicking on the bottom’, the person is clicking contents that comes after the current content and the area of the content is vague and not specified at least to me.

The 2nd sentence sounds to me as if the person. Is directly clicking the next content right below the current content, and the content only?

What difference does the preposition ‘on’ make here? any idea?

  • By "bottom" I assume you mean the bottom of a page, not bottom. – Cascabel Feb 2 at 1:42
  • oh. so the 2nd sentence with out the preposition refers to page not the content? – Mark Feb 2 at 1:43
  • Sorry, it was a stupid joke like "biting Sb on the bottom" I gotta edit to make sense of this. – Cascabel Feb 2 at 1:50
  • now i totally get it haha – Mark Feb 2 at 1:51
  • 1
    yes. thanks. it turns out the questioner meant “clicking (on) the ‘button’” not bottom, but i was a bit curious too. – Mark Feb 2 at 1:59

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