What does "straggle on his chin" mean?

As I shook his hand, a kid cruising by—no more than a sophomore, judging by the fresh crop of pimples and the serio-comic straggle on his chin that aspired to goateehood—muttered, "Hoptoad Harry, hoppin down the av-a-new."

It was phrase from stephen king novel

straggle on his chin

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In this context it's clear that it means a small amount of beard hair.

"straggle" would normally apply to a small, disorganised grouping or movement, and the author has extended the meaning to beard hair, here.

https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/straggle to move or spread untidily and in small numbers or amounts:

  • I put my hair up because I don't like it straggling down my back.
  • A year after the hurricane, tourists are beginning to straggle (= come in small numbers) back to the region.
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straggle OED

  1. A body or group of scattered objects; an irregular or fitful emergence (of something); a thin, lank, or untidy growth (of hair). Also Comb.

Here in a registry, straggle does have the sense of an 'aspiring goateehood'!

As in the following, specifically referring to facial hair: google books

He was the youngest of the trio, with a full set of teeth and only a straggle of facial hair.

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