I am studying English these days by correcting random sentences that South Koreans are generally having difficulty with in their work environment.

some guy asked me several questions regarding how one can better correct the sentences, and I immediately sensed some grammatical errors however not certain as to how i can actually better correct them.

  1. we checked about the refund for overpaid payments.

he is basically asking if someone checked on the matter of refund and gotten an answer from someone.

is this correct version of saying? we (checked about) the refund? what’s the proper usage of checking in this context? how should I better format the verb and phrase? -> we checked on the refund for overpaid payments (?)

  1. Because our shipments were handled by the company.

what’s the difference between ‘shipments were handled’ and ‘shipments were processed’ here? I corrected it with the later one, but i’m not quite sure what the difference is there nor either of them are correct.

3. In case of the import, we can only get refund for overpaid payment

when we want to describe situation or case in English, what’s the correct version?

‘in case of import’ ‘in case of importing’

i think he probably wants to imply ‘when the importing happens’

English is still my 2nd langauge, and I usually bump into more and more problems that non-native speakers just are not familiar with.

I want to acquire and learn as much information as possible by studying cases, and I would like to get answer directly from either those who speak English as native language or those who studied English as major.

much thanks.

  • I don't see any significant grammatical problems in the sentences you quote. It seems more an issue of not knowing the conventional patterns and vocabulary of Business English. If you want to help learners with their Business English, it will probably not be enough just to be able to correct grammatical errors. – Shoe Jan 31 at 9:04

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