"There are still a lot of features to add to this project which I will consistently do in whatever free time I get. "

The way this sentence sounds doesn't seem right to me.

I looked for other synonyms of consistently like constantly continually but they also didn't sound right.

  • Take the mind off consistently, which is not the right word here. Look for alternatives that fit what exactly you mean: regularly? steadily? ...? Good Luck. – Kris Jan 30 '19 at 7:10
  • To me what sounds wrong is the use of "in" in the phrase "consistently do in." It should be with. The only problem with consistently is that if you don't follow up with what you are promising, it could be an issue. – Karlomanio Jan 30 '19 at 21:52
  • What don't you like about consistently? The definition of the first sense at Merriam-Webster is: marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction. Is that what you're trying to express, or is it something else? – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jan 31 '19 at 6:18

PERMANENTLY is appropriate in your case.

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/permanently):



: in a permanent manner

 : in a way that continues without changing or ending 

: in a way that is not brief or temporary

// The restaurant closed permanently in May.

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