I'm searching for an adjective that is between rare and common - e.g. something that is everyday, or ordinary, or not remarkable.

Can anyone help suggest some words I might try?

Thank you,

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    Example sentence? – mRotten Jan 29 at 4:58
  • Wouldn't "ordinary" or "everyday" be much like common? They're words I find in dictionaries and a thesaurus together. – Zebrafish Jan 29 at 6:48

First of all, common is something everyday or ordinary.

However, if you want a word that's between rare and common on a frequency scale, I suggest occasional:


3 : encountered, occurring, appearing, or taken at irregular or infrequent intervals
// occasional visitors
// an occasional vacation
// found occasional errors
// occasional episodes of chest pain

In addition to the synonyms irregular and infrequent shown in the definition, there is also intermittent.

  • In this definition it's described as "infrequent", which I consider to be somewhere in between "common" and "rare". Sure, I wouldn't place it right in the middle of the spectrum, but this is the best answer so far. Also, some people may use "occasionally" to mean up to 30, 40 or 50% frequency(???). So I think it's a good word. – Zebrafish Jan 29 at 6:56
  • Thank you! I agree - I think occasional captures what I am looking for. It's not perfect, but perhaps there isn't a perfect word in this case :) Appreciate all the other input from everyone, too :) – aaronsnoswell Jan 29 at 23:59

Another option is mundane:

From Merriam Webster:

2 : characterized by the practical, transitory, and ordinary : COMMONPLACE

// the mundane concerns of day-to-day life

  • I think "mundane" is very much like "common". Look, it says there in your definition, well kind of, "commonplace". – Zebrafish Jan 29 at 6:49

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