I might have worded that weird but I could have sworn I read it was grammatically correct to do so, but I can't find any backing to it now and it's driving me crazy! xD

For example, as weird and wrong as this sounds, is this still correct? "I walk the path that bears run wild and the weight of our footsteps."

I know how wrong that sounds, but I thought I read that wording a sentence like this is still right.

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    It's wrong: "that bears wild on and that bear the weight of our footsteps". That would have to be your question.... – Lambie Jan 26 at 19:54
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    It is at least poetically correct. – Joachim Jan 26 at 19:54
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    Right, @NigelJ, that's the word I was looking for. I was wondering if you could use a homonym once in a sentence while the sentence uses both the homonym's meanings. (Again, I'm not sure I'm wording my question clearly, sorry!) – Rose Jan 26 at 21:53
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    Do you mean something like "He went and told the verger, and the verger tolled the bell"? – WS2 Jan 26 at 21:57
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    The error, in the above case, is attempting to conjoin two clauses which are different parts of speech -- "run wild", a verb/predicate, and "the weight of our footsteps", a noun/object. In general (there are no doubt exceptions) conjunctions should only be used between like thingies. – Hot Licks Jan 26 at 22:33

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