From the topic “User accounts” or “users account” I did not understand the correct grammar for the case when we considering accounts of multiple users. Are below statements correct?

  • One user has one account: user account
  • One user has multiple accounts: user accounts
  • Accounts of multiple users: users accounts
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    The only thing I can see wrong with those is that the last should have an apostrophe after the s - i.e. users' accounts. – WS2 Jan 26 at 9:31
  • You right, basically omitting apostrophe is the grammatical violation. However, I'm programmer and because we can not use apostrophe in variable name, it has being omitted... I asked this question for the correct variable name selection. – Gurebu Bokofu Jan 26 at 9:42
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    user accounts can be used for both (2) and (3). – michael.hor257k Jan 26 at 9:53
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    Software naming is off topic on ELU so I can’t add a answer with code but I suspect you need something like .... One user has one account: map[user,account] mapUserVsAccount. One user has multiple accounts: map[user,set [account]] mapUserVsAccounts . Accounts of multiple users: map[set[user], set [account]] mapUsersVsAccounts. – k1eran Jan 26 at 10:30

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