Please, can anyone help me with this? Is it accurate to say the following:

there is a type of snake called "The Cobra snakes", and those snakes .....etc.

In other words, when saying "type of snake" it sounds like you're describing something singular, but is it ok to demonstrate the type as a plural?; like when I said "called "**The ***Cobra snakes*****", and those snakes .....etc."


I would say just 'the snake' here because the definite article can be used with a singular noun to indicate that it represents a whole species or class.

For example:

‘they placed the African elephant on their endangered list’ (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/)

  • thanks a lot, so can I say it like this? There is a type of snake called "The Cobra Snake", and those snakes .....etc. – Adam Jordan Jan 27 at 4:31

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