My customers send me emails asking me when I can fix their problems.
In that case, I usually use expressions as below.

-Could you wait a little longer please?
-Could you be more patient please?
-Could you continue to be patient please?

Could you let me know they are common expressions?
I googled them but couldn't find many results using the same expressions.

If you have any other suggestions, it would be very helpful.
Thank you so much in advance.

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I think that in your searching, you have simply been unlucky. I searched for a few slightly different phrases including "Could you please be more patient with us", and found a large number of hits.

Your wording seems to me polite and unambiguous although I think that a native British English speaker would be more likely to place the word "please" after "could you". That would result in "Could you please be a little more patient", or "Could you please be patient a while longer".


You can use:

"Could you wait a little bit more?"

"Mr X I appreciate your patience, I'm just finishing your task."

You can also merge them.


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