"Purchased three computers for 12 months, lease paying the first month installment in cash of net worth of 40,000 each."

Does it mean a single computer monthly installment costs 40,000 or the total investment of 12 months for a single computer costs 40,000?

  • Very ambiguous sentence but I still believe it's monthly installment. :) – Mark Usman Jan 23 at 23:04
  • I can't tell whether the computers have been bought or leased. The sentence says "bought'" then starts to talk about a lease period and the first month's rental payment. – BoldBen Jan 24 at 0:17
  • @BoldBen “Purchased ... for 12 months” is suggestive of a lease. Leases (metonymically referenced) are assets that can be bought and sold, but the language might have been used somewhat loosely. The current wording sounds like someone rented three $40k computers for a year and is submitting the first month’s payment. Or maybe income from a lease is paying for the first instalment of something else, and the computers are unrelated, having been bought a year ago. More context from the OP would be helpful. – Lawrence Jan 24 at 1:51
  • I wonder if "lease purchase" is similar to "hire purchase" that was discussed here. It means purchasing something on an installment plan, which seems to be what the given sentence is talking about. – Barmar Jan 24 at 17:36
  • @lawrence Yes, I can't make much sense of it as it stands, however I don't think the currency is US dollars. If it was Indian rupees for example at 1.4 US cents to the rupee then the 40000 figure becomes $560 or around $180 for each computer. Still a lot for a monthly payment for a desktop or laptop and not enough for the full value of a new one but more in the ball park. Again, not enough information. – BoldBen Jan 25 at 10:08

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