Which of this is correct?

  1. Excels logo look like a book
  2. Excel's logo look like a book

How does the apostrophe change the above sentences meaning?

  • Neither of them is grammatical, because the verb "look" doesn't go with the singular subject "logo". If you correct that, you get two different spellings for the same sentence: the second one happens to follow the rules of English writing, the first doesn't . Silly, isn't it. – Colin Fine Jan 23 '19 at 15:13

The correct statement would be

Excel's logo looks like a book.

An apostrophe is used to denote possession. Since logo is a singular noun, look is grammatically incorrect.

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The second statement is correct.

Excel's logo looks like a book.

This is because the logo belongs to Excel, that is why we say Excel's.

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