What does "Dusted off the old rig" stand for? Man write this when we say about old mobile.

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    "Rig" is a term used for some device. For a ham radio operator it is the ham radio, but could be used by, eg, a farmer to refer to an old tractor. To "dust off" a device is to start up (or otherwise begin using) a device that has not been used in some time.
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  • Well when I first took a look at this I thought it was one of those... "chip off the old block" type of cliche but in reality I'd say that Jesse Steele is probably more right than I so HAHAHAHa you should listen to him :) Commented Oct 21, 2020 at 17:38

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Preparing retired equipment for use again

Historically, this depicts an old piece of equipment to being brought out of a shed or other storage, then having the dust removed to make it ready for being put to good use once again.

This can be used as a metaphore or "figurative language" to apply the principle of "readying something" to be useful once again.

rig n. 4. (MWD)

tackle, equipment, or machinery fitted for a specified purpose

dust off vt. (MWD)

to bring out or back to use again

Example article applied to a bicycle

Example article applied to drilling equipment

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