I'm looking for words that describe the rope that hangs from a bell in a bell tower.

ADDED: This isn't so much about where the word would be used as it is trying to identify examples or variations from literature or other reference to the item.

The nautical reference below is one scenario where there might be other terms to fit the description. I thought there may also be a reference from the religious sector (though Bell Rope and Bell Pull seem to fit here).

I would even be interested in slang as noted below, "Go jig the bell". Thanks for that.

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    Bell rope is correct: collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/bell-rope – user067531 Jan 21 at 20:17
  • don't thinks that's it ... and no answering questions in comments. – lbf Jan 21 at 20:29
  • @Cascabel was not aware of such sentiment - but explains a lot. – lbf Jan 21 at 21:29
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    Vote to leave open. It's easy enough to imagine that there might be a special term for such a rope. – DJClayworth Jan 21 at 21:34

MacMillan says bell pull

a rope that you pull to make a bell ring

Not that it makes a whole lot of difference. My G-mother always said 'go jig the bell.!

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    A good point, but I normally associate 'bell pull' with an old style doorbell. – DJClayworth Jan 21 at 21:04

Rope appears to be the correct name.

Here is a glossary of bellringing terms, and the rope is referred to as a 'rope' throughout.

  • Even when it's on a boat, it's one of the few that don't magically turn into a line. – Phil Sweet Jan 21 at 20:58
  • You have a boat with a bell tower on it? – DJClayworth Jan 21 at 21:02

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