I'd like to know the meaning of "National Forward published". I have seen it in codes and regulation context, such as those found by this search, and couldn't understand it.

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    I would assume that the "National Forward" is some sort of publication. I tried Googling it but there are confusing results from several nations. You need to give us more context. – Hot Licks Jan 21 at 13:31
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Mostly you won't be able to open the sites in this search for 'BSI "National Foreword"'(note spelling) unless you have a login for the sites, but the search itself is helpful. If you compare it to the results for '"National Forward Published"' you will see that the search for 'National Forward Published' only takes us to handful of examples of what appears to be the same document set (I'm hampered by a firewall here at the moment) listing British Standard Institute and European Standard construction industry documents, whereas the BSI search takes us to a multitude of informative sources.

I think what has happened is that someone has prepared a list which intends to show when National Forewords for various documents were published, as opposed to European Forewords, and got confused between the near homophone pair forward/foreword.

Note that the BSI Pocket Guide to Standards Development answers the question:

What is the development process for European and International Standards?


Following successful formal approval the Standard may be implemented as a British Standard, at which point any conflicting national Standards are withdrawn. This is a requirement for European Standards and optional for International Standards. Any information that the committee believes will support the use of an adopted Standard in the UK may be published in the National Foreword or as a National Annex.

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