IMPORTANT, first just watch 30 seconds of 1 or 2 of this YouTube videos featuring the use of "maneas", to visualize this devices: 1,2,3,4, don Pictures 5,6

I know this site is not spanish oriented, however, in this post spanish language is used merely as a tool for trying to translate the concept/device/tool "manea" into an english expression. Spanish knowledge is NO NEEDED AT ALL to answer, read, or understand this question.

First "manea"="pretal", they are just 2 spanish words used for this device. I'll use "manea" from now on to simplify.

The expression I'm looking refers to a device, which is simply a rope that, by doing a "cow hitch" knot to a utility post, allows the user, while stepping on the foot part of the "manea", and while alternatively resting the user weight on one of the 2 maneas, while lifting the other, to climb a utility post. It's used by linemans, to do electrical lines work on utility posts.

I have found that in english speaking countries, specially USA and Australia (that's the countries my research results shown mostly) this other system is used: called climbing gaffs, hooks, elevators, climbers this timestamp video starts right when he climbs AND 8

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