A sentence from TE,however find no grammatical rules supporting the sentence. Thanks you in advance.

Many politicians, business people, intellectuals, journalists and even whisky-swilling generals would far rather a more secular Pakistan.

  • It may occur in some literature, but it's not standard. It normally takes a bare infinitival ("I would rather play golf) or a finite clause complement ("I would rather he played golf"). "Would rather" is an idiom in which it's just "would" that is an auxiliary verb – BillJ Jan 19 at 8:49
  • Sounds contextual correct in the passage.Generally speaking, editor from TE here is probably making some assumption or presumption of the development in Pakistan. – Nogizaka Jan 21 at 5:13

“Would rather” means “prefer” so:

......would rather (prefer) a more secular Pakistan (than)...

I had enough of entertaining children and Ann would rather a house full of cats, dogs, with horses in the field”. From If It Wasn't for Bad Luck By Alan Crowe.

  • Ah~Then the sentence makes sense.Much appreciate! – Nogizaka Jan 19 at 7:58
  • I'd say it means "Would prefer". – BillJ Jan 19 at 9:00

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