What does 'narrow' mean in the following sentence, which is from Political Ideals (1917) by Bertrand Russell?

He will not desire for his country the passing triumphs of a narrow possessiveness, but rather the enduring triumph of having helped to embody in human affairs something of that spirit of brotherhood which Christ taught and which the Christian churches have forgotten.

Does it mean selfish?

  • ...possibly along the lines of limited to a small area of interest, activity, or thought – Cascabel Jan 17 at 19:49
  • 1
    Hmmnn... selfish is probably the best description...before that, Russell uses comparisons like "magnanimous, just, and generous." among many, many other positive attributes, mostly indicating selflessness. I like this question; however I am thinking it might get closed for POB. ....IMO, it should be seen as a discrete unit; i.e. "narrow possessiveness" – Cascabel Jan 17 at 20:37

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