If "the league of extraordinary gentlemen" consists of good guys what do we call the analogue group consisting of bad (but not necessarily uncultivated) guys? I am thinking of members like Prof. Moriarty, Mr. Hyde, and Arsene Lupin). They are certainly no gentlemen, are they?

Context: I am looking for a title for an RPG adventure.

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    The characters name is Mr Hyde spelt with a y like the places near me East Hyde and West Hyde. He's also a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen they aren't all good they just display abilities beyond those of ordinary people.
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A suitable phrase might be rogues' gallery, originally a set of photographs of convicted and alleged criminals, now used to describe a group of ne'er-do-wells or villians.

Examples: 1, 2


A retinue of inglorious rascals. Seems to cover it nicely for me, don't you think or don't you?

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