Can we use present perfect and future tenses in one sentence to talk about a project that had started in the past and is predicted to be completed in a particular year?


The implementation of one power substation has begun and will be completed in 2019.

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    We commonly get questions such as yours on this site, asking whether it is permissible to mix tenses in a sentence. I would be interested to know if a teacher or grammar book has led you to believe that mixing tenses results in ungrammatical sentences.
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    Jan 16, 2019 at 12:53
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On closer observation you may notice that your sentence consists of two clauses, namely

The implementation of one power station has begun.


[It] will be completed in 2019.

the "it" being "the implementation of one power station".

This is an entirely valid structure and combining the two clauses to a single sentence is an entirely valid choice.

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