Jane : Hi Mateo, Brian Jaffers just called to cancel tomorrow's walk-through at 721 Union Street.
Mateo : That's too bad. That apartment is just right for him. Did you reschedule?

I nearly understand what they're saying, but I'd like to want to know what exactly 'walk-through' means
A dictionary only shows the word means something related to rehearsal.
But I think the meaning of the word is related to real estate industry, doesn't it?.


In the real estate sense: OED

a. Chiefly N. Amer. A walk through somewhere or something for the purposes of inspection or surveillance; an inspection carried out on foot, esp. of a home or other premises, spec. one conducted prior to finalizing the sale of a property.

As in:

2005 J. P. DiBlasi Sell Home without Broker Your Purchase and Sale Agreement..will allow the buyer to take a last walk-through of your home..prior to closing.

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