I'm trying to understand the following bolded sentences. These have been copied from a legal document regarding the outcome of a patent application linked here.


The sole outstanding objection to application 2013204646 has been overcome. I accept the patent request and complete specification relating to that application.

The objection of manner of manufacture in relation to application 2013204658 has been overcome. Pursuant to regulation 13.4(1)(g), the application will not lapse for failure to gain acceptance until 3 months from the date of this decision. Aristocrat has the remainder of that period in order to address the objections of lack of inventive step.

What is "overcome" referring to here? Is the sentence saying that the "objection of manner of manufacturer" has succeeded or failed?

I'm confused since overcome is defined as the following by Google.

overcome (verb)

  • succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).
  • defeat (an opponent)
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    The objection has been "defeated". The associated problem has been solved. – Hot Licks Jan 16 at 2:29
  • What is "Overcome" referring to here?

the objection mentioned in the document

  • [Has] the" objection of manner of manufacturer" succeeded or failed?

It has failed.

overcome TFD

(tr) to surmount (triumph over) obstacles, objections, etc

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